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Tempature Controllers

Axron Temperature Controllers ECO 300

Product Description
Definition: The controller is used to set the desired furnace (or oven) temperature. The furnace heats up to this temperature
then heats intermittently to maintain it. With a programmable controller, the desired temperature can be associated with the time desired to reach it. Each of the temperature/time pairs is called a segment. A set of segments forms a program, and some regulators allow several programs to be memorised. There are principally 2 types of segment. Ramp: the furnace temperature rises or falls to the desired temperature as a function of the desired time, following a linear progression and heating intermittently. The other is the dwell type: the furnace maintains a steady temperature by heating intermittently.
Example: Rise to 400 °C in 3 h, maintain 400 °C for 6 hours, rise to 900 °C in 4 h, maintain 900 °C for 2 hours, maintain 1100 °C (the rise is not timeconstrained, it will be achieved as best) fall in 15h, 1 programme, 6 segments.
Display: Dual display, measured temperature in red, target temperature in green.
Electricity: Screw terminal block Ø 0.5 to 1.5 mm.
Memory: Memorisation of set temperatures and programmes when furnace is shut down.
Mounting: The regulator can be removed from its housing from the front without dismantlement or tools.
Documentation: Instructions in English.

TCP-IP interface option + PC communication software (PC Option): Control of the oven at distance. Simple
temperatures recording (reference and measure) with a fixed time interval. The software enables the transfer
of programmes from the PC to the controller and the controller to the PC, as the modification of the instructions
and control parameters remotely.

Type A B C D E F
Function Single-loop
Controller with
Number of programs - - 1 10 30 10
Available size Several Several 48x96 48x96 96x96 96x96

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