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Retort Furnaces with Flammable Gas 650 C

Furnace for working with flammable gas (hydrogen, cracked ammonia, formiergas etc.)

Product Description
Construction: Robust construction made of bent plate.
Insulation: Multilayer insulation. Interior in ceramic fibre and refractory bricks.
Ventilation: Air circulation by a turbine to improve homogeneity within furnace.
Heating: Battery of shielded electrical resistors.
Electricity: 3x400 VAC, 50 Hz.
Regulation: PID Axron Swiss digital temperature controller. Timer.
Documentation: CE marking and operating instructions in English.
Delivered with: Furnace + retort with burner + flammable gas equipment + retort support.

Options available upon request: Axron Swiss Temperature Programmer, Thermocouple in retort, Interior baskets for retort, Forced cooling device of the retort, Extended warranty

Model Item code Int. Vol. (L) Retort Dim. (ØxH) (mm) Int. Dim. (ØxH) (mm) Ext. Dim. (WxHxD) (mm) Power (kW) Weight (kg)
PO 650-S-P3 N14596 2.8 110 x 296 168 x 320 1310 x 950 x 660 3.5 150
PO 650-M-P3 N15034 8.8 185 x 355 250 x 405 1620 x 1093 x 760 6.0 352

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