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Cracked Amoniac Generator 950 C

Cracked ammonia generator for heat treatment, brazing and welding

Product Description
Construction: Mechanically welded frame.
Insulation: Heated retort is insulated with ceramics.
Heating: Working chamber surrounded by heating elements.
Electricity: 3x400 VAC, 50 Hz.
Regulation: Axron Swiss PID temperature controller. Time programmer for delayed on/off.
Documentation: CE marking and operating instructions in English.
Type of gas: Ammonia cracking: at output, constant composition of 25% nitrogen and 75% hydrogen. For 1kg of ammonia, 2.7 m3 of strongly reducing protective gas is produced.

Options available upon request: Extra heating element, Extra dissociation element, Gold replacement fuse, Thermocouple, Extended warranty.

Model Item code Ext. Dim. (WxHxD) (mm) Number of outlets Power (kW) Weight (kg)
GE 950-3 N810066 560 x 865 x 810 2 3.0 152
GE 950-7 B111765 930 x 970 x 675 3 7.0 220

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