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Flammable Safety Kits for Muffle Furnaces

Compact and safe pack for protective gas piloting for metal muffle furnaces for thermal treatment for use with flammable gas. Ideal for RetroFit and safety compliance of old furnaces without safety systems.

Product Description
Construction: Built in 2 parts. The gas safety unit comprising the control, the electrical and pneumatic equipment and the burner which is fitted on the retort or on the muffle by sealed connection with a 10mm diameter tube.
Electricity: Voltage 230 V, frequency 50 Hz, power rating 200 W (400 V avaible on request).
Documentation: CE marking and operating instructions in English.
Type of gas: Nitrogen, hydrogen or gas mixture: forming gas, cracked ammonia.
Safety equipment: 1 programmable controller, adjustment and display of gas flow rates, nitrogen purge, retort pressure display by manometer, burner with lighting coil to burn outlet gas, double safety valves, pressure relief valve, anti-return valve. All delivered with 2x3-meters gas supply tubes.

Options available upon request: Hearth/muffle adapter (N15423), Installation, commissioning, training, Shop table, Extra supply tube, Extended warranty.

Model Item code For old SOLO furnaces For old BOREL furnaces Weight (kg)
KG 100-C - Kit for retort/muffle of 4.5 liters N15223C - Cube 400 30
KG 100-S - Kit for retort/muffle of 4.5 liters N15223 221-15/25 4.5/650S 30
KG 100-M - Kit for retort/muffle of 12.5 liters N15223M 221-15/35 17/650M 30
KG 100-L - Kit for retort/muffle of 48 liters N15223L 221-15/50 48/650L 30

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